Learning & Teaching

Trinity Catholic Primary offers a wide variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities for our students.

We are proud of our facilities and the access to technology that we provide. With our specific focus on teaching our students how to learn, we believe we are equipping them with skills to become lifelong learners.

For further information about learning and teaching at Trinity, please feel free to contact the school.


Educating For the Future

Trinity is focused on the individual needs of EVERY student and we place our students at the centre of all learning and teaching decisions.


Facilities and Features

Trinity Catholic Primary with its semi-rural location and resource-rich,contemporary learning spaces provides an ideal learning environment.



Trinity prides itself on offering a curriculum that allows each and every student to achieve and excel, and to discover and develop their own talents in a wide range of areas.


School Library

CEDP school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading. They provide access to a range of physical and electronic resources that help kids on their learning journey and inspire purposeful learning.


Beyond the Classroom

We encourage our students to learn more than just the basics, engaging them in a wide array of co-curricular activities including sport, coding, gardening and other clubs.


Positive Behaviour Support for Learning (PBS4L)

Positive Behaviour Support for Learning is a whole school program that actively promotes positive behaviour and creates a positive, productive and harmonious learning community.