Our Faith Journey

Trinity Catholic Primary celebrates being part of a vibrant Catholic community and our Catholic values impact the way all Key Learning Areas are taught


As well as specific Religious Education lessons, our school community embraces its Catholic identity through:

  • prayer
  • liturgy
  • charity fundraising
  • social justice activities
  • hospitality.

We are the second of two primary schools in our local parish, Holy Spirit St Clair, which is led by the Augustinian Order of priests. Our parish priest, Fr Michael, leads many of our liturgies throughout the year, both here at our school and at the church. Spiritual reflection and preparation of whole school liturgies, including Masses, are prepared by our teachers so that our children are brought to a deeper understanding of faith and the Christian way of life.

Connections to our parish community are strengthened through regular meetings between our Religious Education Coordinator and parish moderator. We support the parish-based sacramental program and the celebration of our Beginning Year and Year 6 Graduation Masses in the parish church of Holy Spirit. Our staff prays together formally on a regular basis and participates in spiritual formation, such as an annual retreat.

At Trinity Catholic Primary School, the faith experiences we offer in the form of social justice initiatives give a meaningful expression of our school motto, ‘In Giving We Receive’. Our school has been involved with charities such as Caritas, St Vincent de Paul, Mama Lana's Foundation and the national drought appeal. Our staff and students assist with fundraising and physical volunteering where possible, helping to foster understanding, compassion and empathy in our school community.

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Trinity Catholic Primary helps students better understand their faith

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