On the 5th of June 2014 Year 4 had a Convict day. The parents and Judith and Joanne helped us with the day. We watched a movie about convicts and played games. We made damper . This all took place in the Trinity hall.
Firstly, we went to Judith and she told us some stories about what they had back in the day. Then we went to the movies and watched Sam. Dan and the Aboriginal people. After that we went to make damper unfortunately we had to wait for lunchtime to eat it. Next we went to hopscotch but we had to draw it with chalk and it took for ages to do it. Then we had recess. After that we went to the dominoes and marbles. The boys did dominoes first then marbles. Then we went on to the comprehension sheet. But unfortunately the day was over.
By Cameron - Michelle‟s Learning Group.

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Year 4

Year 4
Trinity Primary Kemps Creek

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