THE baptismal site of Jesus as well as the star marking the exact spot where Jesus was born
THE baptismal site of Jesus as well as the star marking the exact spot where Jesus was born


Having returned to Australia after almost three weeks visiting the lands of the Bible with a group of thirty five other Religious Education Co-ordinators in our diocese I am delighted to have the opportunity to share just a little of my experience with you.

The view from Mt Nebo where Moses died before reaching the Promised land was dry, dusty and barren, yet, Moses trusted God to lead his people forward into Israel where the lush, green vegetation of the promised land existed.

We visited the traditional place where Jesus was baptised by John in the Jordan River celebrating Mass on its banks. The Sea of Galilee was an extraordinary experience with mass celebrated on a fishing boat on the water.

The love of those who were with Jesus through his life, began of course, at the place of his birth in Bethlehem. There is a large decorative star over the traditional place where he was born. This holy site is protected by the Orthodox Church and is accessible through a narrow opening down into a rocky area where it is believed Jesus was born.

It was wonderful to be in Bethlehem where we witnessed Christians who are standing up for their faith in a place where they are in the minority.

It was amazing to walk where Jesus walked and to now have real life experiences and images of those places. I hope that there are opportunities to further share some of these with the community in the months ahead.

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Olga Blom

Olga Blom
Trinity Primary Kemps Creek

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